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Scottsdale luxury homes for sale swimming pool

Video Inside Scottsdale’s $24.5 Million Luxury Home: Real Estate You Have to See to Believe!

Some luxury homes are extraordinary. Some are positively epic. Case in point, the $24.5 million Scottsdale estate The Moen Group has been bringing you real estate video and photography updates on since construction began. The Linthicum built, more than 20,000 sq. ft. Silverleaf home is now complete and we’re thrilled to you show you the […]

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The Art of the Owners' Retreat: Scottsdale's $24.5 Million Home Features the Ultimate Escape

The Art of the Owners’ Retreat: Scottsdale’s $24.5 Million Home Features the Ultimate Escape

The word “home” means so many things to so many people, but at the end of a long day, perhaps nothing captures the comforts of “home” more than slipping into the sanctuary known as the master suite. As The Moen Group Luxury Real Estate previews one of the largest luxury homes recently constructed in Arizona, […]

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Scottsdale Luxury Home Sales & Real Estate News: Silverleaf Upper Canyon Estate SOLD!

SOLD in Silverleaf! The Moen Group Luxury Real Estate is thrilled to announce the latest luxury home sale in Scottsdale in the guard-gated community of Silverleaf. This stunning property, sitting high up in Upper Canyon, boasts a larger than life presence, dramatic design and prized privacy surrounding the gorgeous backyard pool, spa and cantina. As […]

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Casita Living Room

Your Visitors May Never Want to Leave!: A Guest House at a Scottsdale Luxury Home You Won’t Believe

Let’s just hope you really, really, really like your invited guests because at one Scottsdale luxury home for sale, there’s a good chance they will never want to leave. Welcome to one of the largest homes recently built in Arizona and a guest house that gives new meaning to ‘Home Sweet Home’. Found in the […]

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sauna in scottsdale luxury home

Need a Better Excuse to Exercise?: Behold the Home Gym in Scottsdale’s $24.5 Million Estate

What’s the difference between a luxury home gym and a fitness center? You’re looking at it. While, it is in fact a “home gym”, those two words don’t seem to do justice to the exercise extravaganza in the $24.5 million Scottsdale home we’ve been previewing for you over the past few weeks as production wraps […]

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virtual reality room in scottsdale luxury home

A Movie Theater & Virtual Reality Room: The ‘Big Screen’ Takes on New Meaning in Scottsdale Estate

You know the saying, “all work and no play…” – Well, one Scottsdale luxury home for sale in the guard-gated community of Silverleaf, has you covered. This spectacular golf course estate has more toys and places to play than we can possibly put into one post, so we’re starting with two of our faves. Packed […]

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$24.5 Million house for sale in Scottsdale in Silverleaf

The View That’s Just Right… Day & Night!: Inside Silverleaf’s $24.5 Million Home [PHOTOS]

It’s one of the largest houses recently constructed in Arizona and it also just happens to be one of the most incredible homes ever built. Beyond the wow-inducing amenities… (5 gourmet kitchens, 2 elevators, a virtual reality room, a basketball gym, a rock climbing wall and a full fitness center… just to name a few), […]

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Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate: Silverleaf Homes & Homesites – Now, That’s a View!

It’s the end of a long day. As evening approaches, you look outside the window and see the sun about to sink into the horizon. As the last bit of day leaves, a breathtaking scene emerges. The city of Scottsdale turns into a sweeping canvas of sparkling city lights set against sunsets that are nothing […]

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Wow. Just Wow!: Preview Silverleaf’s $24.5 Million House in Scottsdale, Arizona [PHOTOS]

“Wow. Just wow.” Those are the words we’ve heard uttered over and over as people start getting their first look at the newly completed $24.5 million home in Silverleaf in Scottsdale, Arizona. As many of the readers of The Moen Group blog know, we have been following this incredible luxury home since construction began and […]

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indoor basketball court

Luxury Homes with Basketball Courts: March Madness Real Estate – Scottsdale Edition

March Madness is back! With it, comes not only one of our favorite times of the year for sports, but also one of our favorite times to take a look at some basketball related real estate. In what can be considered some pretty great timing, construction on The Moen Group listed, $24.5 million Scottsdale luxury […]

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